Community Standards

The Student Handbook is your very own guide to Bethel College. With information on all things Bethel, from campus life to student conduct guidelines, it is the ultimate student reference. Featuring monthly calendars filled with school-related events and weekly planning sections, your handbook will keep you up to date and organized.

Maximizing your college experience starts with being informed — stay connected with the Bethel Student Handbook. Find what you need from the links below:

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Table of Contents (Student Life Handbook / Residential Life - starting page 148)

  • Campus Map4
  • Administration and Student Services Personnel6
  • Academic Calendar7
  • Class Schedule 8
  • Activities and Events Calendar10
  • Student Handbook148
  • Faces to Know, Places to Go149
  • Problem Solvers150
  • Where to Get the Word151
  • Traditions151
  • Student Government153
  • Student Clubs and Organizations 153
  • Campus Offices and Services 156
  • Campus Safety156
  • Faculty/Student Committees157
  • Food Services159
  • Library 160
  • Center for Academic Success161
  • Wellness Center 162
  • Campus Life163
  • Spiritual Life163
  • Campus Activities164
  • Intramural Competition 164
  • College Policies165
  • Student Conduct and Procedures181
  • Disciplinary Policies181
  • Appeals Process in Disciplinary Cases182
  • Residential Life187
  • Residential Life Guidelines187
  • Residential Hall Calendar196