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Student Life

Spiritual Life

It has been said, “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey; we are spiritual beings on a human journey.” At Bethel College, we encourage students to view their “spiritual lives” not as a compartment of life, but as the essence of life. Worship extends from the chapel to the classroom to the dining commons to the athletic field to the surrounding community.

Just as we emphasize the integration of faith and learning at Bethel College, so we also stress the integration of faith and living. This integration is encouraged through chapel services, campus groups, spiritual mentoring, and a variety of residential opportunities.


Mentors serve a role that goes beyond friendship. When a person stands in the role of a mentor, then he or she has permission to say when something doesn't seem right. Or when there is a behavior that needs to be corrected, the mentor has the freedom to speak truth – even when the truth is difficult to hear.

I would like a mentor

I am a student willing to be a mentor


Chapel is often referred to as “the heartbeat of Bethel College.” Chapel services unite the Bethel community for a time of corporate worship through music and teaching. Reading the BibleChapel programs include guest speakers, musical and dramatic groups, extended praise and worship times, faculty testimonies, as well as a variety of series.

Chapel services are held in the Everest-Rohrer Fine Arts/Chapel building and in the Octorium located in the Middleton Hall of Science every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 a.m. Student-led Vespers services are held each Wednesday at 9 p.m. in the Octorium.

Special Series

During the fall semester, a Spiritual Emphasis Week is held, offering services every morning and evening from Monday through Thursday. The spring semester includes both a World Christian Action Conference and a Deeper Life Conference.


Developing as a spiritual being has always been rooted in community. We are a people in relationship with God and each other. At Bethel College, spiritual mentoring is an integral part of our community. Each year we challenge our campus community of faculty, staff and students to enter into intentional, meaningful, "iron sharpening iron" relationships.

Spiritual Life Groups/Opportunities

Bethel has a number of organizations and opportunities for students to become involved in which equip and train students for a more meaningful spiritual life.

Shiloh Prayer Chapel
The Shiloh Prayer Chapel was built to provide students with a quiet, reflective setting for prayer, meditation and reflection. The student-built prayer chapel is open 24 hours a day for individuals who wish to pray and seek the Lord.
Bible studies
...and prayer groups meet frequently at various locations and times on campus. Students are encouraged to be a part of an existing Bible study or to initiate the formation of a new one. Bible studies and prayer groups are offered for each residential hall. These times and locations may be obtained from a resident assistant, resident director or group leader.
Kingdom Mobilizers
Kingdom Mobilizers exists to increase missions’ awareness on campus. Students interested in missions meet together every Thursday night from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm in the Shiloh Prayer Chapel. As well as having a new speaker each week, we worship and pray for the nations together to sharpen one another’s understanding of the opportunities and challenges for missionary service.
Mu Kappa
Mu Kappa International (Greek letter for M & K) is a unique ministry organized by missionary kids in order to address their own specific needs. "By MKs for MKs" aptly describes its overriding focus. The purpose of Mu Kappa International is to help MKs in their cultural transitions; to promote growth, unity and Christian fellowship among chapter members; and to help coordinate the efforts of missions and paramission organizations to maximize the potential of MKs.