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Student Life

Student Life Staff

As Bethel's Student and Residential Life team, we're here because we believe in the Bethel experience. We strive to create a challenging, supportive growth environment for every Bethel student, and we are convinced that living on campus is a great way for students to experience this. The Residence Halls are essential for developing community life in all its guts and glory – whether that means late night study sessions, movie parties, or Wal-Mart runs; praying with a hurting friend at 2am; gearing up in Bethel blue and heading to the game en masse; or confronting roommates who (still) haven't learned to clean up after themselves. Residential life on Bethel's campus is packed with memorable, relational, character-building experiences, and we are excited to invite students into this vibrant community and create spirited connections.

Residence Life Staff

Dr. Shawn Holtgren – Vice President for Student Development

Shawn Holtgren

For over eighteen years, Shawn Holtgren has worked in the area of Student Development at Bethel College. Besides serving as Vice President for Student Development, Shawn also serves as chapel coordinator and worship leader. A licensed minister in the Missionary Church, Shawn is Pastor of Worship Arts at St. Mark Missionary Church. A 1995 graduate of Bethel (Christian Ministries), he went on to complete his Master of Ministries degree at Bethel and his Ph.D. in Educational Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. Shawn is married to Katie and has three children, Autumn, Nathan and Victoria. If you have questions regarding student life, spiritual life, mentoring, or chapel, please feel free to Contact Shawn

Director of Student Life: Julie Beam

Julie Beam

Julie has served in student development at Bethel College for a number of years, first as a resident director and director of service learning and currently as director of student life. She received her B.A. in Biology from Tabor College, and her Master's in Public Affairs from Indiana University. Julie and her husband Travis enjoy interacting with students and helping them discover God's calling for their lives. Contact Julie

Assistant Director for Student Development: Bill Bemis

Resident Director Bill Bemis

Raised in Milwaukee, WI, Bill Bemis graduated from Notre Dame in 1972 with a degree in Architecture. Prior to coming to Bethel, he practiced Architecture in NV for 21 years, and during that time he and his wife led his church's senior high youth program for 12 years. Arriving at Bethel in 2000, he served as the Resident Director of Oakwood-Slater Hall for 10 years before moving to the Student Development office in 2011. Bill and his wife Carol were married in 1971. Bill has two grown children (both Bethel grads) and six grandchildren. Contact Bill

Resident Director: Janelle Crotser

Janelle Crotser

Janelle Crotser returns to Bethel after graduating in 2007 with an International Studies degree. Originally from Bay City, Michigan, Janelle loves music, playing the guitar, being outdoors, playing sports and attending sporting events, and traveling to different countries. She is excited to meet students wherever they are in their journeys with God, and to help them understand more of who He is. Contact Janelle

Assistant Resident Director: Zach Gillis

Resident Director of Oakwood-Slater Hall Josh Hartsell

Zachary Gillis, a Bethel Alumnus, graduated in 2013 with a degree in Liberal Studies. He will be serving as the Assistant Resident Director for Perimeter Housing and Eastwood Hall as well as the Campus Coordinator for the Center for Intercultural Development. Originally from Gary, Indiana, Zach would consider himself a Southern boy at heart and loves making people laugh! He enjoys singing, dancing, and cooking and is eager to serve as a member of the Student Life Staff. Excited to see the amazing things that God has in store for Bethel, Zach is looking forward to seeing how The Lord will work through the students throughout the school year. Contact Zach

Resident Director: Josh Hartsell

Resident Director of Oakwood-Slater Hall Josh Hartsell

Josh graduated from Bethel College in 2008 with a degree in Christian Ministry. He has been a part of Bethel Student Life since and currently serves as the Resident Director in Oakwood-Slater Hall. He loves to travel and experience new cultures, and he enjoys watching other people get their first taste of traveling. The time Josh has spent among college freshmen has taught him how transformative the first year in college can be. He keeps coming back to Oakwood-Slater because he sees the impact community living has on the guys' spiritual and social growth, and because God has given him a heart for building relationships and gifted him to disciple and mentor those around him. Contact Josh

Resident Director: John Kaehr

Resident Director John Kaehr

John graduated from Bethel College in 2001 with a degree in Christian Ministries and has returned to Bethel after 10 years in pastoral ministry to serve as a Resident Director and a member of the Spiritual Life Team. His passion is to see college students come to know Jesus, while walking with them on this great journey. John is married to his lovely wife Melissa and they have a beautiful two year old daughter Hannah, who continues to hold the title of "youngest resident on campus." John likes the outdoors, camping, and anything caffeinated. He would love to share a cup of coffee with you and hear more about what God is doing in your life.
Contact John

Resident Director: Sara Loucy-Swartz

Resident Director Sara Loucy-Swartz

Sara Loucy-Swartz is from Sherrill, New York and she attended Baptist Bible College. She has served at Bethel since 2007 and enjoys building authentic relationships with students in the Bethel community. In her free time, Sara loves to decorate, watch a variety of TV shows, kayak and spend time with her husband Jimi, family, and friends. Her desire is for Bridges Hall residents to develop a solid relationship with God and lasting relationships with friends, and necessary skills to transition successfully out of college while also enjoying the unique time that they have at Bethel. Sara feels blessed to be apart of the Residence Life staff of such a fabulous community! Contact Sara

Resident Director: Jess Lyons

Resident Director Jess Lyons

Jess Lyons graduated from Bethel in 2011 with a degree in Communication and jumped at the opportunity to return as Resident Director and Commuter Coordinator. After graduating, Jess spent two years teaching at the Crossing, an alternative high school in South Bend. She loves working with students - getting to know them and seeing them thrive in community. Jess is married to Reed, her favorite person, and they love anything to do with good food, coffee and conversation. Jess enjoys movies, music, books and being creative. She is thankful and hopeful for what's ahead in Tuckey, and she looks forward to joining others in learning more about God's character. Contact Jess

Resident Director: Reed Lyons

Resident Director Reed Lyons

In 2010, Reed graduated from Bethel College with a degree in Communication. Originally from Carol Stream, IL, Reed couldn't stay away from the Bethel Community and returned as a Resident Director and Director of Campus Activities in 2012. He has previously worked as an Athletic Director with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fresno County, in Fresno, CA and as a middle school teacher with the Mishawaka Crossing Educational Center. He enjoys collecting hobbies and loves to learn new things. He is athletic, intellectual, and handsome, or at least his wife, Jess, thinks so. Reed is pumped to lead the guys of Manges Hall as they grow in their relationship with Christ and learn what it means to be a man of God. Contact Reed

Perimeter Area Coordinator: Laura Winningham

Perimeter Area Coordinator Laura Winningham

Laura Winningham graduated from Bethel College in 2010 with a degree in Mathematics. Originally from Romeo, Michigan, Laura spent time working in the field of Accounting before returning back to the Bethel community in 2011. She currently serves as the Area Coordinator for Perimeter Housing and the Director of Semester Abroad and Task Force programs. Her favorite part about working with cross-cultural trips is seeing students experience God in a new way as they step out of their comfort zones. Laura has a passion for students and journeying through life alongside them. She enjoys being outdoors whether she is running, hiking or traveling. You can occasionally find Laura around campus using chopsticks for dinner or over-using post-it notes. Contact Laura

Resident Director: Michael Yoder

Resident Director of Michael Yoder

Michael Yoder graduated from Bethel College in 2009 with a degree in Youth Ministry. Right out of college, Michael became a Campus Life Director with YFC for 4+ years. He married his wife Lindsay in 2010. They enjoy live music, traveling, and seeing the world together. Michael has a passion for relational ministry and seeing others come to know Jesus in a life changing way. Contact Michael