Student Media



Students have the best sense of what’s current and important to them and their peers. That's why Bethel's student media outlets are the perfect vehicles for sharing information that’s relevant today. With a radio station, a digital newspaper and yearbook, a TV news magazine show, and a sports broadcasting network, it's easy for students to get involved in and keep up with the latest campus news. Pick the platform that fits your talents and join us for a fun and educational experience.

Bethel Pilot Radio

Bethel Pilot Radio webcasts 24/7 with music, live student shows and special programming.  Located in the Student Media Center the station provides students with the opportunity to get experience in a working radio station. Listen to our live webcast.

The Bethel Beacon

A digital newspaper managed by a staff of student editors and reporters, The Bethel Beacon serves as a teaching laboratory under the supervision of Student Media Director Tim Ceravolo. Read the Beacon online.

Bethel Prime Time

Bethel Prime Time is a 30-minute television news magazine show about life at Bethel College. Students determine content, conduct interviews, shoot video and write the stories. The show is the outcome of a class on television news taught by Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist Tim Ceravolo. 

The Helm

Bethel's award winning yearbook, The Helm, is produced during the school year and distributed the following fall semester to students.

bethel sports network

The Bethel Sports Network is the ESPN of Bethel College and provides a great opportunity for students interested in sports broadcasting. The website,, is dedicated to providing information on all Bethel sports programs and live multi-camera production of various sporting events on campus.