REACH - Dual Enrollment Program

Still think college is a year or two away? If you’re a high school junior or senior, you can do more than just think about college. You can actually go to college by enrolling in Bethel College’s REACH (Register Early to Achieve College Hours) Program, available at Bethel College.

Get credit for what you learn

Through REACH, you earn college credit while still in high school. And, unlike Advance Placement courses, you don’t have to take a placement exam at the end of the course to receive college credit. REACH courses may even count toward your high school graduation requirements. Check with your guidance counselor to determine your school’s policy on dual-enrollment credit and to choose which Bethel courses would be best for you. The REACH program includes both on-campus and online courses.

Jump-start your college career

Earning college credit in high school can position you to finish college early, free up time to take a double major or an additional minor, and save money on tuition. Credits earned through REACH are transferable to the college of your choice.


Choose from a wide selection of freshman (100-level) courses, as well as more-advanced sophomore (200-level) classes. You just need to meet any prerequisites, which could include SAT/ACT scores for math, science and English proficiencies, or preliminary classes for 200-level courses.


As a REACH student you enjoy many of the same benefits available to current Bethel students. You can attend campus events and use library resources with your Bethel ID card.

Check for current courses and the academic catalog (3MB .pdf) to find course descriptions.

Save thousands of dollars

The REACH program gives you the option to pay reduced tuition of $100 per credit hour for the first 24 credit hours (limited to six credit hours per semester). This means you could save up to $12,000 off the full-time traditional student rate! Payment for courses is due at the time of registration. Most courses are three credit hours, which mean they meet for three hours of classroom instruction each week.


To calculate your cost, multiply the per-credit-hour fee ($100) by the total number of credit hours. For example:


  • One 3-credit-hour course: $100 x 3 = $300

  • Two 3-credit-hour courses: $100 x 6 = $600


As a new REACH student, you can attend new student registration days in July or August or register online. Returning REACH students can register after Dec. 1 for spring courses.


Also available is the full-tuition option, which allows you to register earlier as a new student. This gives you a better chance of getting into your first choice classes; however, you also pay regular tuition rates. Contact the Bethel admission office at 800.422.4101 for current regular tuition rates.

Discover your life calling

Whether or not you have determined an academic area of interest, Bethel’s life calling and student enrichment center programs can help you plan for the future. We’ll guide you through the strengths finder assessment and career direct assessment to help identify potential academic majors and career interests.


Admission criteria

  • Junior or senior in a public, private or home school setting
  • GPA of 3.0 (4.0 scale) or higher through your sophomore year
  • Permission from your high school principal, guidance counselor or primary home educator
  • SAT/ACT scores may be needed to establish academic proficiency

Once you have been accepted, an advisor from your area of academic interest will help you register for classes.





Your REACH application is also your admission application to enroll at Bethel as a freshman after high school graduation. You only need to update your file with any new information (transcripts, etc.).



  • Enrollment in some accelerated online classes (seven weeks) require special permission from the office of nontraditional studies.
  • Individual instruction courses such as private lessons and private tutorials, do not qualify for the reduced tuition.
  • Due to the discounted tuition rate for the REACH program, Bethel College institutional aid is not applicable.
  • The information on this page is subject to change.