Bethel Undergraduate Intellectual Leadership Development (BUILD)

BUILD is an honors program designed to take gifted students who can think critically and push them in their studies, while also encouraging them to be leaders on and off campus. The program is open to students of any major who live on campus; however, only 10-12 new students are accepted each year.


The BUILD program has three main objectives:


  • To enrich the student’s academic experience within their own major
  • To broaden their knowledge by exposing them to current topics outside of their course work
  • To promote an attitude of Christian service and leadership

“BUILD is not just a program for smart kids; it is for bright students who are also potential leaders,” explains James Stump, Ph.D., professor of philosophy. “We want participants who can think clearly and insightfully about issues that are important to Christians, but who also have the ability and charisma to lead and influence others.”


The group meets together on a weekly basis with Professor Stump. In exchange for committing to the program, BUILD students receive an annual, renewable scholarship based upon performance in the program.




Mission statement


We are a group of spiritually motivated and intellectually ambitious students striving to increase our leadership capacity by enriching our academic experience, serving the campus and community, and encouraging the integration of the love of learning and love of Christ.



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