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About Bethel

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The Place to Be

That is a bold claim, but these are exciting days at Bethel College. What is happening here is momentous. Bethel has been transformed before the eyes of our students and alumni. Always a small but solid Christian college of the arts and sciences, Bethel has emerged as a strong, progressive and dynamic regional campus. Few colleges have experienced Bethel’s pace of progress and excitement since the doors opened in 1947.


Bethel has grown from about 100 students in its first year to 550 students in 1989. Now Bethel’s enrollment is more than 2,000 traditional, nontraditional and graduate students every fall.


We are a challenging academic community with a gifted faculty and a strong student body. The student to faculty ratio is 12 to 1 which allows more opportunity for personal attention from professors.


Bethel is deeply committed to weaving a fabric of faith. Vital worship in our chapel program continues to be the center of campus life. Our students invest themselves in serving our community and the world.


Since 2000, we have added more than 20 buildings to Bethel’s campus.

  • Women’s Residence Hall, Bridges Hall
  • The Bethel Bookstore
  • Jenkins Baseball Stadium
  • Science Hall addition
  • Logan Village
  • Ceramics Studio


Bethel’s athletic teams have won 37 national championships since 1986. Almost every major sport has won a championship. Bethel has even won national cheerleading and dodge ball (yes, dodge ball) championships. Bethel offers the opportunities and facilities to compete in collegiate athletics, intramural competitions and even some one-on-one with friends.