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Institutional Profile

Bethel is a top tier college nationally for 14 consecutive years (U.S. News & World Report), recognized in the Top 100 nationally for its commitment to character education (Templeton Guide), and by the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for measurable outcomes in our region. Bethel's 20,000 alumni occupy 49 states and 64 world areas, and enjoy a medical school acceptance rate double the national average, 100% job placement rate in nursing and music education, Top 4% finish nationally in competitive math performance tests, and 100% pass rate every year on the national performance standard for a unique academic major in Sign Language Interpreting. Bethel hosts more than 8,000 guests annually to her arts productions, 20,000 annually in conference services, and many community members in support of her 35 national athletic championships in the NAIA and NCCAA.

Bethel College alumni include the No. 1 voted School Superintendent in Indiana, the No. 1 voted School Principal in Indiana, a Top 1% pediatric surgeon in North America, the former Executive Director of the largest Youth for Christ district in the nation, the Chaplain of Barak Obama's childhood school, the lead in "South Pacific" off Broadway, a national leader and lab executive in Nanotechnology and Sustainable Energy, Lynne Hybels – spouse and ministry partner of Bill, as founders of Willowcreek Church, two All-Star pitchers (Cleveland Indians and the San Diego Padres) a senior Midwest manager for Blue Cross / Blue Shield, and more.

The mission of Bethel College is to be a community of learners building lives of commitment for leadership in the Church and world. Bethel's liberating academic programs challenge the mind, enlarge the vision, and equip the whole person for lifelong service.

Following six months of review by employees, donors, community members, Church representatives and Trustees, Bethel College launched five institutional priorities and nearly 200 strategies in March 2014 called the GREATer Agenda: 2014-2018. Why become GREATer? For the greater glory of God. How do we become GREATer?

The five priorities are:

  • "G" – grow by 1,000 students (200 traditional, 800 adult/graduate)
  • "R"- perpetuate conditions for spiritual revival so compelling it spreads across our region
  • "E" – serve our students and each other with such excellence we surprise them, and we earn an encore
  • "A" – improve campus aesthetics with $20 million in designated projects ($5.8 million raised in first six months) and
  • "T" – testify more broadly to who we are and what God is accomplishing among us.

Being Intentional and Transparent

Please visit our Public Relations for information and details.

Institutional Priorities

In order to pursue this vision, our effort began in March 2014 to become GREATer, for the greater glory of God. The input from hundreds of constituents helped us focus on five institutional priorities. Read about there here:








Perhaps, with God’s direction and favor, we will become GREATer. Like the Apostle Paul, it might one day be said of us, “They praised God because of what He did through me” (Gal. 1:24).