Annual Security Report

2017 Annual Security and Fire Report (pdf)

The safety and security of the campus community is of utmost concern to Bethel College. Each year the College publishes an annual report outlining security and safety information and crime statistics for the campus.

This booklet provides suggestions regarding crime prevention strategies and important policy information about emergency procedures, reporting crimes, and security services on campus.

Emergency Procedures

Any crime, emergency, or suspicious activity should be reported immediately to the Campus Safety Department. Anyone may call at any time. There are a number of call stations positioned around the campus for use in contacting Police and Campus Safety. The emergency button will connect you to Police and the info button will connect you with Campus Safety. You can dial 911 from any phone on campus. Campus Safety’s telephone number is answered 24 hours a day, is 807-7500 or ext. 77500. College employees are required to report to Campus Safety any crime reported to the employee that occurred at the College. This policy is necessary so the College can comply with federal regulations regarding disclosure of campus crimes.

Anonymous crime reports may be made via the Internet using “Campus Eyewitness” located on our department website. Anonymous reports that contain sufficiently detailed facts for classification of the offense will be included in annual crime report disclosures.

In the event of a serious crime or incident on campus that may pose a threat to others, alerts will be sent over the Emergency Notification System (ENS). Alerts will be sent out over the campus phone system, emails, and posted on the College website.

Our Mission

The Bethel Campus Safety Department exists to support the College in its mission by providing services that provide a safe campus environment and experience for our Bethel community.

Our Vision

BCSD is a service organization providing a safe campus experience. We provide services with professionalism, excellence and empathy. We are well-trained individuals working together as a team. We reflect the values of Bethel in carrying out our assignments and do so with the utmost respect for the Bethel community.

Campus Safety Begins With You

The Bethel Campus Safety Department provides important services to our campus, but nothing we do can replace your own actions in maintaining security and safety on campus. Take time to learn about crime prevention and safety for yourself and your fellow campus family. Information and awareness are your best weapons against crime and accidents. Visit our department page often for updated information about crime prevention and safety information.

When walking on campus after dark, call Campus Safety and they will escort you to where you are going.

Campus Lighting and Physical Plant

Physical Plant and Grounds maintain College buildings and grounds with a concern for safety. Campus facilities and lighting are regularly surveyed by physical plant staff. Safety Officers assist by reporting potential safety concerns. Anyone noticing a safety problem should report it to Physical Plant.

Area Police Agencies (notify police in locale where the incident occurred)

  • Bethel College Campus Safety: 574.807.7500
  • Mishawaka Police: 574.258.1678
  • South Bend Police: 574.235.9201
  • St. Joseph County Police: 574.235.9611
  • Indiana State Police: 574. 233.1123