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Office of the President

"In 2022, Bethel College celebrates her 75th Anniversary. That threshold is not an insignificant flip of the calendar. It could be a gateway, an appointed time which affects how we work now. Years pass swiftly whether we pay attention or not. Bethel decided to pay attention."

– Gregg Chenoweth, PhD

Welcome from the Vice President for Academic Services

"Bethel College is committed to seeing all of life and the world through the lens of biblical truth."

– Barb Bellefeuille, EdD

Board of Trustees

Membership of the board is selected by the committee on trustees, where their primary responsibility is to evaluate current members and recruit new members.

Faculty and Staff Directory

Find who you're looking for, quickly and easily.

Student Life Staff

Day in and day out, the Student Life Staff strives to create a challenging, supportive growth environment for every Bethel student.

Bethel College Cabinet

Handling issues and opportunities to improve the lives of students, faculty and staff.