Alumni Experiences: Literature, Language, Communications

Tony Fuller, '98, Videographer/Editor at the University of Notre Dame

Tony Fuller, an AP and Emmy® award-winning videographer/editor, has been behind a camera or edit deck since graduating college. Currently working at Notre Dame, he worked for Indianapolis and South Bend television stations, where he covered events with presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. He was also behind the camera for interviews with Peyton Manning and Dr. Phil.


Collin Smith

Collin Smith, Digital Project Manager at The Richards Group

While he was a student majoring in Communication, Collin Smith set some big goals for his future. The first goal was to secure an internship with a large advertising agency in a big city. That goal was met and led to him checking off his second goal -- getting hired by the same agency or one of similar caliber. The Richards Group asked him to return after graduation, making for a smooth transition into his future.





Stan Marks

”During my time at Bethel College, I was a DJ and student manager for BC Pilot Radio. My experiences as manager and the skills I learned working with radio equipment, prepared me for a job after college. Since graduation, I have worked as a producer at a local radio station and currently run the commercial production department at our station.”








Aaron Charles

”As an assistant account executive at a marketing agency, my degree certainly prepared me for success in my current role. But more than that, I learned how to work with people. I learned how to see things form another’s point of view. Through group projects and an emphasis on internships, I learned the value of trying new things and growing through experience. All these lessons have helped me immensely in my job. But they’ve an even greater impact on my life. I will always be grateful to the professors and people in the Bethel College Communication Department for how they poured into my education and helped me grow as a person.”