FAQ Bible & Ministry

When can I start classes?

Once you are accepted into the program, you may start taking classes when the next seven-week session begins.

Do I need a Bible degree to attend graduate school?

No. Many students pursue the M.A.Min. and M.A.T.S. from diverse backgrounds. An accredited bachelor’s degree is required though.

Can I take online classes, too?

Yes! Many undergraduate classes are now available online, too. Many students take both online and on-site classes to help expedite their studies.

I am not a pastor. Can I still take classes and pursue a Bible & Ministry degree?

Of course. While some students are enrolled in our degree programs in preparation for pastoral ministry, many students have other career goals and see the Bible & Ministry degrees as a way to strengthen their knowledge of Scripture and personal preparation for the future.

There are so many options available today. What makes Bethel’s programs unique?

Perhaps we’re a still a bit old school, but we believe in getting to know you as a person. Your experience will connect you with caring professors who will take a vested interest in your goals, as well as like-minded classmates who will become friends and ministry partners long after you graduate. Your spiritual development is as important as your academic progress. We hear from many students who say their experience changed their lives. Classes are offered in different formats to fit your schedule, as well as three different satellite locations.

How do I get started?

Fill out an online application and contact the AGS office at 574.807.7550.

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