Additional Resources

Online Resources

Excellent source of writing and studying tips by subject. Also features information about how to prepare and set goals, get and work with information, as well as how to take test and handle test anxiety.

Features study guides for various courses in over 35 languages.

Over 80 study skills articles covering college, language arts, math, note taking, memory, and test taking.

Biology:– Has a comprehensive database of subjects covered in physics, biology, and A&P.

Chemistry: – Provides an overview of most topics covered in general chemistry.

Math: – Website has tons of free resources and video tutorials. – Helps find solutions to problems and show the steps to get these solutions.

Psychology: – One of the best psychology sites – contains lots of psychology – related information for students and teachers of psychology. – Psychology Dictionary and Glossary for Students. – This is a resource done by undergraduate psychology students for undergraduate psychology students. – The Encyclopedia of Psychology, contains a maintained list of useful sites and links. – A comprehensive set of neuroscience related links in a clearly organized arrangement by Mark Dubin at Colorado University. – Tons of articles and journals about psychology related topics. – Information and resources on common psychological disorders. – A Collection of Web Resources for Psychological Scholars and Budding Psychological Scholars.

Spanish: – Detailed information about common Spanish verbs and verb endings. Shows conjugations in present, preterit, imperfect, future, and conditional tenses. – Helpful for grammar and verbs

Writing: – Great resources for MLA and APA formatting. – A good list of effective writing tools and links to sites for grammar, general writing skills, and common errors/issues. – Information about the writing process, thesis statements, and structuring a paper. – List of common questions and concerns when writing a paper. – Website containing information about grammar, punctuation, and sentence concerns.