Average student-faculty ratio of 12:1.

Training You for Career Success

Do you want to start your own business? Work for a Fortune 500 Company? Serve in a non-profit, church, or missionary organization? Analyze numbers, create exciting marketing plans, or manage people? Whatever your passion, we believe that business is a calling. The business world needs people who are well-trained, engaged in ongoing learning, have a global outlook, and have a strong ethical character. Business plays an influential role in society, and Bethel College seeks to make an impact in the world through its business students.

Students are challenged to schedule an internship during their course of study so that they may test their skills in a practical setting. Additionally, students are encouraged to join an activity club that offers them a chance to serve the community while utilizing their business knowledge.

Careers & Internships

The Business Department offers a well-rounded curriculum and flexibility to incorporate other interests into the business major. Your program of study can reflect your individual development and what you want to pursue.

Recent Job Placements

Business Administration:

  • Yoder Oil Company
  • Perrigo Company
  • Villing & Co.
  • Press Ganey Associates
  • Humana
  • Elkhart Community Foundation

Financial Services:

  • 1st Source Bank
  • Notre Dame Federal Credit Union
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Korhorn Financial Group


  • Crowe Horwath
  • Plante Moran CPAs
  • BKD CPAs
  • Wojtysiak and Co. CPAs
  • Granger Community Church
  • Church Shield


  • Acton Institute
  • House of Representatives
  • Illinois Policy Institute
  • Charles Koch Foundation

Recent Internships

Business Administration:

  • City of South Bend
  • Downtown South Bend
  • Walton Concrete
  • Disney World


  • Crowe Horwath
  • RSM
  • Rieth-Riley
  • Kruggel Lawton


  • Acton Institute
  • Charles Koch Foundation
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Financial Services

  • 1st Source Bank
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Ameriprise Financial

Majoring in Business

The Business Department offers several degrees that provide the educational foundation and develop the skills needed to be successful in today’s world.

business majors


Undergrad business courses (pdf)

  • Accounting Major, B.A.
  • Business Administration Major, B.A.
  • Business Management Major, A.A.
  • Economics & Finance Major, B.A.
  • Interdisciplinary Major in Sports Management, B.A.
  • Financial Services Professional

Graduate Programs

Learn about our graduate programs

Academic Courses

Alumni Stories

Yemi Mobolade

Yemi Mobolade, '01, co-founder of Wild Goose Meeting House in Colorado Springs

Yemi is described as "an icon among the city's young entrepreneurs" by the Colorado Springs Business Journal. In January 2015, he received the Mayor's Young Leader award for Economic Impact and was invited to participate in a new public market project at the old train station in Colorado Springs.

Recipient of 2016 Alumni of the Year award.

Read more Business alumni stories.



enactus club
  • Enactus (business club)
  • American Enterprise Institute Executive Council
  • Charles Koch Foundation Conservative Reading Group
  • Business Etiquette Dinner
  • American Enterprise Institute Leadership Dinner
  • Charles Koch Foundation/American Enterprise Institute Speaker Series
  • Poverty, Inc. Screening
  • Alumni panels

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Staff & Faculty

Aaron Schavey has his Ph.D. and M.A. in economics (George Mason University) and his B.A. in Economics and Religion (Grove City College).

He has association memberships in the American Economic Association, the Foundation of Economic Education Faculty Network, and the Values and Capitalism Faculty Network.



Bradley Smith has his Ph.D. and M.A. in economics from the University of Notre Dame, and his M.S. in economics from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

He has association memberships in the National Association of Business Economist, the American Economic Association, and the Christian Business Faculty Association.

His research interests are in the areas of the business cycle and the auto industry.

Lori Stutzman has her Ed. D. degree in organizational leadership and an M.A. advanced leadership studies (Indiana Wesleyan University), an M.S. in organizational management (Roberts Wesleyan College), and a B.A. in commerce and French (University of Toronto).

She has association memberships in the International Leadership Association (ILA) and the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) – Michiana Chapter. In 2010, she was a speaker at the Midwest Scholars Conference.


Peggy Jarusewic has an M.S. in business administration with concentration in accounting and her B.S. in business administration, from Indiana University of South Bend. She previously served as the chair of Bethel’s Department of Business and was Teacher of the Year in 1999-2000 school year. She is a member of the Christian Business Faculty Association.