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Add value to your undergraduate education by honing your reading, writing and thinking skills, by studying the great books, great ideas and entering the great conversation in our deeply committed Christian community.

The Humanities major is a 30-hour program where you choose electives from literature, philosophy, history, languages and fine arts. It can be part of a double major, not a stand-alone major.

Time to complete: To date, all students graduating with the Humanities major have completed a double major in four years.

Common second majors have been Psychology, Biology, History, English & Writing, Philosophy and Liberal Studies.

Requirements: There are no specifically required courses, so Humanities majors tend to pick course topics that interest them. There are 27 credit hours of study in literature, philosophy and other electives in the humanities (history, language and fine arts) and a 3-hour capstone project (HUM 499).

Humanities Project: Students attempt to synthesize their learning during the year-long Humanities Project by producing a portfolio and final project. Recent projects have included novel-length fiction, book length memoir, research essay and even film. This project becomes part of the student's e-portfolio.

Alumni careers: Recent graduates teach in America and abroad, attend medical and graduate school, serve as missionaries, work in the publishing industry, and work as editors.

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