Explore Your Options

Explore a wide range of career options in a comprehensive way.

Explore Your Options

Bethel students who want to explore the wide range of options available to them can do so in a supportive and comprehensive way. Our Student Success Center is designed to serve all students by facilitating academic achievement, individual growth, leadership development and a personal journey toward a life calling. The center has a variety of resources to help you through the exploration process.

Bethel offers:

  • Academic advisors who will help clarify your educational goals and schedule classes to meet those goals.
  • Individual career assessment during your first year on campus, in which you review your interests and abilities through a free, biblically based assessment. Experienced Bethel staff can help you discover your gifts, discern God’s plan for you and share resources to develop your potential.
  • And, through the Bethel alumni network, you may even shadow a Bethel graduate in a specific career area to experience a professional setting firsthand.

Choose a Major or Design Your Own

Bethel’s liberal studies program allows students to design a major in an area of academic interest that crosses disciplinary boundaries. Students who design their own majors work closely with faculty advisors to chart a path through the curriculum tailored to the student’s personal interests and learning goals.

The Bethel Core

Choosing or designing a major takes advantage of the flexibility built into Bethel’s core curriculum course work. The core curriculum is an academic base for both pre-professional and liberal arts majors. These courses are designed to develop your critical-thinking skills, communication skills and analytical abilities so they will be useful to you in whatever discipline you end up choosing.

Students are required to take courses in the core curriculum as well as in their major. So, as you develop an academic plan with your advisor, you will fulfill your core curriculum requirements while exploring various options for a major.

While you’re earning academic credits, you’re also gaining exposure to possible fields of interest. Choosing your major is an important decision. But it’s even more important to choose the major that will satisfy you intellectually, help you develop as a person and prepare you for your life calling.

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Staff & Faculty

Rachel Kennedy oversees operations of the Disability Services and Learning Commons. She has a B.A. from Bethel in psychology, communications and English. Her M.S. is from Western Governors University in special education. She recently worked for the InterMountain Education Service District in Eastern Oregon, initially as a special education teacher and has taught semester-long parent training classes for parents of children with autism.

She has mentored new teachers, supervised teachers working on master’s degrees and hired and supervised paraprofessionals. Kennedy has experience with evaluation teams, supervised the eligibility process, built bridges with local school districts and developed good working relationships with community partners.