Career Services

The Center for Career Development and Global Engagement at Bethel College assists students in fulfilling their unique calling by discovering their gifts, discerning God’s plan, and obtaining the life skills necessary to reach their potential within the realm of career development. Please contact us with questions as you explore your future career!

Our Career Services department has tools to help you make informed decisions so you're not entering a major based on someone's opinion. And rest assured that while there are no wrong decisions, there may be better ones. Also know that a major doesn't define you. Just because you major in psychology doesn't mean you can't work in the business world. Explore our resources, and see where God takes you.

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Instagram Takeovers Connect Campus Creatives

Students have traveled locally and to cities including Chicago, Indianapolis, and Grand Rapids on Instagram Takeover Trips. These trips allow them to interact with and learn from professional photographers, while connecting with other creatives and learning how to tell meaningful stories through a platform their generation connects with.

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Matthew Stackowicz

Matthew Stackowicz

Titles: Director of Career Development, Adjunct Faculty
Locations: Miller-Moore Academic Center
Departments: Career Services
Phone Numbers:
School: 574.807.7097