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Your college experience is once in a lifetime... you're ready to take on the world, fulfill your dreams and grow into who you'll become.

Interested in a bachelor's degree in nursing? Come to Bethel and get hands-on experience in a new nursing simulation lab. Our School of Nursing is ranked No. 7 in the nation (Top RN Degree Programs for 2017," by Accredited Schools Online) and the only college in northern Indiana to offer degrees for ADN, BSN, BSN-Completion and MSN all in one place.

Do you want to study abroad? Take a trip to Spain and purse your interest in Literature and Language or be part of a Task Force Team and work in an impoverished community.

Are song lyrics keeping you awake at night? Our Worship Arts program will have you harmonizing with new friends on campus and in the studio.

A degree can be just a piece of paper. Make it the experience you've been dreaming of.

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Masters=Masters, M=Major, m=minor, c=concentration, e=endorsements (for teacher certification)

B.A.= Bachelor of Arts, B.S.=Bachelor of Science, A.A.=Associate of Arts, M.A.=Master of Arts, M.S.=Master of Science, B.S.N.=Bachelor of Science in Nursing, M.C.M.=Master of Christian Ministry, Pre=Pre-Professional Programs

Program Degree Type
Accounting B.A. M, m
Applied Politics B.A. M
Art Education B.A. M
Biblical Languages - m
Biblical Studies A.A. M, m
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology B.S. M
Biology B.S. M, m
Business Managment B.A., MBA Masters, M
Business - m
Business Management A.A. M
Business A.A., B.S. M
Chemistry B.S. M, m
Christian Ministries B.A., M.C.M. M
Christian Ministries Concentrations - c
Coaching - e
Communication B.A. M, m
Computer Science - m
Criminal Justice A.A., B.A. M, m
Deaf Studies A.A. M
Design - m
Early Childhood Education B.A., A.A. M, m
Economics and Finance B.A. M
Economics - m
Elementary Education B.A. M
Engineering (Math/Physics) B.S. M
Engineering and Management B.S. M
English and Writing B.A. M
English - m
English Education B.A. M
Exercise Science B.A. M
Family Studies - m
Financial Services Professional B.A. M
Graphic Design B.A. M
Health/Physical Education B.A. M
History B.A. M, m
Humanities B.A. M
Intercultural Studies B.A. M, m
International Health B.S. M, m
Leadership - m
Liberal Studies B.A., A.A. M
Marketing - M, m
Mathematics B.S. M
Mathematics Education B.S. M
Medicine: (MD or DO), Physician Assistant, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Pharmacy - Contact Beth Kroa, program advisor - Pre
Music B.A. M, m
Music, church - m
Music education (choral, general, instrumental) B.A. M
Music education (choral, general, instrumental) B.A. M
Music performance B.A. M
Nursing ADN, B.S.N. M
Pastoral Ministries B.A., M.A. M, Masters
Philosophy B.A. M, m
Physical Education/Health B.A. M
Physical Therapy - Contact Larry McClements, program advisor  - Pre
Physics - m
Psychology B.A. M, m
Science Education - Biology B.S. M
Science Education - Chemistry B.S. M
Seminary - Contact Terry Linhart, program advisor - Pre
Sign Language Interpreting B.A. M
Social Studies Education B.A. M
Social Studies Education Concentrations - c
Sociology B.A. M, m
Spanish - m
Special Education - m
Sport Management (interdisciplinary) B.A. M, m
Sport Studies B.A. M
Studio Arts B.A. M, m
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - M, m
Theatre Arts B.A. M, m
Theatre Arts (theatre, musical)  - m
Worship Arts B.A. M, m
Youth Ministry - M, m

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