Computer Science Class

proposed curriculum

Course number General Education Core Credits
COMM171 Speech Communication 3
ENGL101 Written Communication II 3
ENGL102 Written Communication III 3
PSYC182 General Psychology 3
SOC151 Principles of Sociology 3
BIBL215 Old Testament Literature 3
BIBL216 New Testament Literature 3
  Foreign Language 6
  History Elective 3
  Art/Drama/Music 3
  Literature 3
PHIL250 Introduction to Philosophy 3
THEO110 Exploring the Christian Faith 3
PHIL452 Senior Experience 1
KINE252 Fitness/Wellness 1
KINE117 On the Ball Training, or 1
KINE124 Aerobics, or  
KINE128 Physical Fitness, or  
KINE135 Weight Training  
MATH131 Calculus I 4
  Science with Lab (PHYS, CHEM) 4
  Total General Education Courses 53


Course number Major and Cognate Courses Credits
CSC110 Introduction to Computer Science 2
ITSC121 Programming 1 3
ITSC122 Programming 2 3
CSC2XX Data Structures and Algorithms 3
CSC2XX Programming Languages 3
CSC2XX Computer Architecture 3
CSC2XX Operating Systems 3
CSC3XX Software Engineering 3
CSC3XX Internship in Computer Science 1
CSC4XX Senior Seminar 2
CSC4XX Senior Project 2
MATH132 Calculus II 4
MATH210 Discrete Mathematics 3
MATH242 Linear Algebra an Diff. Equ. 4
MATH252 Probability and Statistics 3
Choose 9 hours 9
ART267 Web Design (3)
CSC Any CSC elective xx or above  
Total Major and Cognate Courses 51
Electives to complete the degree 16
Total 120