Fun and Fellowship

Campus Activities create consistent venues for student fun and connection. Weekly events are held for the campus community to enjoy. Ranging from a campus wide Bethelon Obstacle Course to a weekly Open Mic Night, the Campus Activities Board (C.A.B), made up of current students and a student intern, design fresh, innovative events and strengthen current Bethel traditions. The C.A.B. is always at the drawing board to stay up to date with current trends and to satisfy the desires of our diverse student interest.

Some of the events students enjoy:

  • Life-size board games (Hungry Hungry Hippos, Battleship  and more!)
  • Back-to-school party
  • Library Nerf wars
  • Battle of the bands/film festival
  • Campus disc golf and chili cookoff
  • Midnight Breakfast
Intramural sports

Intramural sports


Whether you want to wear the Bethel name across your chest or just get involved with friends, we have athletic opportunities for all of our students.

Sports offered at Bethel include men's basketball, baseball, cross country, golf, soccer, tennis, rugby, track & field, and women's basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, track & field, lacrosse, volleyball.

Bethel Athletics Official Site


If you’re looking for a fun way to stay active and meet new people, join one of Bethel College’s intramural sports teams.


  • Flag football
  • Sand volleyball
  • League of Legends
  • Powder puff
  • 3 v 3 basketball
  • 5 v 5 basketball
  • Futsal
  • Softball I
  • Indoor volleyball

Leadership Opportunities

Billy Kirk

Billy Kirk is a scholarship, leadership program. It exists to assist minority culture students in their pursuit of a Christian education at Bethel College.

Block Mentors


BUILD (Bethel Undergraduate Intellectual Leadership Development) programs help students grow as individuals. Enrich, broaden and promote are the three key objectives of the group.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Leadership Retreat

Resident Assistants

Spiritual Life Team

Student Council

Student Council is another great way for undergrads to get involved and make a difference. The group serves as a liaison between the student body, administration and faculty.


Use your musical talents to be an ambassador for Christ. Bethel's student musicians and vocalists make an impact on the church, the campus, and the surrounding community by using their God-given gifts to serve others. From classical to jazz to show tunes, there’s sure to be a style that speaks to you.

Performance opportunities


Bethel's theatre arts program is a great way for students to indulge and express their creative side while entertaining others. Whether you want to be in the spotlight as a thespian or behind the scenes designing the set, there’s a place for you in our theatre.


Student Media

Bethel's student media outlets are the perfect vehicles for sharing information that's relevant today. With a radio station, a digital newspaper and yearbook, a TV news magazine show, and a sports broadcasting network, it's easy for students to get involved in and keep up with the latest campus news. Pick the platform that fits your talents and join us for a fun and educational experience.