Circulation Policies

What do I need to do to check an item out?

Anyone with a valid Bethel, Notre Dame, Saint Mary's, or Holy Cross ID may check out an item. Pastors and alumni may apply for a free library card by filling out a library card application. Applications are available at the circulation desk. The general public may also apply for a library card which is available by filling out the application form and with a $10 fee.

How long can I keep items and how many can I check out?

You may keep books for 28 days and audiovisual materials for three days. Faculty members may keep books for a semester and audiovisual materials for 2 weeks.

Can I find out who has an item checked out?

No. Because of confidentiality concerns, we may not release the names of who has an item.

What are your overdue fines?

For items that are loaned for a regular loan period, there are no overdue fines until the item is declared “Lost”.  Items are declared “Lost” once the item has been overdue for over 30 days. When an item is declared “Lost”, the following charges are applied:  a charge equivalent to the fair market value for the replacement of the item and a $10 overdue fine. If the item is found, the replacement charge will be refunded; the $10 overdue fine will still be charged. 

Items that have a short loan period do have additional overdue fines. Items that are loaned on a 1 day, 3 day, or 1 week basis are assessed a fine of $1 per day that they are overdue. Items that are loaned on a 1 hour or 2 hour basis are assessed a fine of $.50 per hour that they are overdue. If these items are declared “Lost”, there are assessed “Lost” fines as mentioned above.

What can I do to get book that someone else has checked out?

You may place either a hold or a recall. A hold will reserve the book for you at the circulation desk when it comes back. A recall will also reserve the book for you, but it will also shorten the due date of the item to 2 weeks from your request date. If the person who has the item that you requested beyond the new due date, he or she will be charged a $10 fine.

What other libraries will let me check out books?

If you have a valid Bethel faculty or student ID, you may check books out at Notre Dame, St. Mary's, or Holy Cross. Staff members and patrons with an alumni, clergy, or general user card cannot check books out at these libraries. Also, if you have an Indiana Driver's License, you may check books out at IUSB.

Can I renew books over the phone or by mail?

No. You may renew your books in person at the circulation desk, or you may fill out the following online renewal form.