FindText @ Bethel FAQ

What does FindText do?

  • Provides direct links to the online full-text of an article (when available).
  • Searches the library catalog for book and/or journal holdings.
  • Allows users to request an item via interlibrary loan if the print or electronic version is not available.
  • Provides an easy to use permanent url that can be posted into courseware systems for continued access to the online content.

Who can use FindText?

All currently affiliated Bethel students, faculty, and staff.

Can I use FindText from off campus?

Yes. Access our online resources through the libraries' website and you will be able to use FindIt from off-campus.

Where do the online articles in FindText come from?

The library provides access to over 20,000 online serial publications. Some of the purchased access is permanent and some is temporary. FindIt tracks both and will give you the most up to date holdings for all online journals.

Why doesn't FindText take me directly to the article?

  • Some of the resources the library has purchased do not offer links directly to the article. We try to get you as close to the fulltext article as possible, but in some cases you may be taken to a table of contents screen for a journal title in which case you will need to browse to the issue and article you need.
  • You may also be taken to a database search screen in which case you will have to search again for either the journal or article title.

Why is there sometimes no fulltext option in the FindText menu?

Sometimes electronic fulltext is not available because...

  • Bethel does not subscribe to every online journal.
  • Some journals are not published online.