Request Forms

Ask a Librarian

Sends a question to the reference staff. The reference staff are willing to answer all sorts of questions.

Please give concise and accurate information so that we may respond as quickly as possible. or questions on how to find information or about the library, you may either call the library at 574.807,7170 or send a question via e-mail using Ask a Librarian.

Interlibrary Loan Book Request
If you can't find a book, ask us to get it for you from an affliated library.
Interlibrary Loan Article Request
If you can't find an article, ask us to get a copy of it for you from an affliated library.
Purchase Suggestion
If you have a book that you think the library should purchase, fill out this form to send it to the librarian to consider for purchase.
Renew Items
Use this form if you have items that you need to renew.