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The Archives

The archives of the Missionary Church, as the memory center for records of historical significance, is a collection of the official papers of the denomination as well as materials relating to its origin and developement. Its task is to organize and preserve these materials so they may be a valuable resource for reference and research

The archives collects and preserves materials in the following categories:

  • The official papers of the denomination.
  • The official publications of the Missionary Church USA.
  • Local church publications.
  • The official papers of Missionary Church ministries in other countries.
  • The personal and professional papers of Missionary Church workers.
  • Official records of Missionary Church affiliated national church bodies.
  • Scrapbook materials/clippings that are historically relevant.
  • Non-print media such as photographs and recordings that are relevant.
  • Records of ancillary organizations related to the Missionary Church.

The Historical Collections

Recognizing that the Missionary Church is the product of several merging denominations, the Historical Collections include materials relating to the roots from which the denomination has sprung, materials of groups that influenced the theology of the denomination, and materials relating to each of the merging and withdrawing bodies.

The Historical Collections collects and preserves materials relating to the following groups and time periods:Dirk Willems

  • Anabaptist and Mennonite Churches (1500-1900)
  • Christian and Missionary Alliance (1875-1963)
  • Brethren in Christ Church (1800-1900)
  • Church of the United Brethren in Christ USA (1800- )
  • All materials relating to:
    • The Brethren in Christ of Ohio (River Brethren)/"Swankites"
    • The New Mennonites of Ontario
    • The Reformed Mennonites of Indiana and Ontario
    • The Evangelical Mennonites of Pennsylvania
    • The United Mennonites
    • The Evangelical United Mennonites
    • The Mennonite Brethren in Christ
    • The United Missionary Church
    • The "Egly Amish"
    • The Defenseless Mennonites/Evangelical Mennonites/Fellowship of Evangelical Churches
    • The Missionary Church Association

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