Master of Christian Ministries

Be prepared with this unique program

Bethel's five-year, combined undergraduate and graduate program culminates with a Master of Christian Ministries and sends you out well-prepared for your first professional position.

The Master of Christian Ministries is a seamless five-year combined undergraduate/graduate degree that will effectively educate and prepare you for pastoral ministry. The benefits are:

Connecting to your future faster with less cost.

Gaining valuable experience with a six-month internship at a church.

Applying for a $5,500 scholarship opportunity in your fifth year.


"We collaborated with local pastors and denomination leaders as we developed course content, sequencing, and the six-month internship, so we are confident that our graduates are prepared to enter the ministry," said Dr. Terry Linhart, chair of the religion and philosophy department.

Please contact our Admission office for details on this program.