Bethel Students Attend Archaeology Conference

Eight Bethel students traveled to Wheaton College to attend the 47th Annual Wheaton Archaeology Conference on November 15 and 16. The theme of the conference was "The Social World of Bible Times." Professors Dr. Long and Dr. Carpenter also attended.

Dr. Lawrence Stager, the keynote speaker from Harvard University, spoke on the Philistines as a Hellenistic Phenomenon and later about life in Biblical Israel. Other topics of presentation included the development of rural Canaan, the Fall of Babylon to Cyrus II and the archaeology of David and Goliath.

Long said of the talks, "Some of the talks were very easy to follow and engaging, but a couple were very detailed and it was very difficult to stay awake! But, we all learned more about the field of Biblical Archaeology, and I think we learned something more of the biblical times. I think what impressed me is how advanced and complex these ancient cultures were and (how) God planted Israel right in the middle of the main thoroughfares linking all the major ancient empires and cultures--this was no accident."

Carpenter and Long plan to take more students with them to the conference next year.