Missionaries Bring Update from Amazon

Mike Dawson, a missionary to Bethel's adopted people group, the Yanomamo, spoke in chapel on January 22nd. Dawson gave a report on the progress that is being made in the Amazon jungle of Venezuela. It was an encouraging, yet challenging, message and a great follow-up to the World Christian Action Conference of the previous week.

The Dawsons live in the village of Cosh, the largest of all Yanomamo villages. Joe and Millie Dawson, Mike's father and mother, first arrived in the primitive jungle in October of 1953, beginning the work still in progress today. Currently, Cosh is home to a Bible school with 38 students from 26 different villages. A regular school educates some 110 Yanomamo as well.

Through the Bible school, the Dawson family can finally see their initial goal becoming manifest: to equip natives in reaching other natives with the Truth of Christ. Many Yanomamo have heard the word of light and become "torch bearers" in their dark land.  They have taken on the task of sharing that light with those Yanomamo in their own village who are lost; however, many villages have yet to be reached.  

The Amazon rainforest has proven to be a formidable foe. Traveling through the jungle is difficult and the 14-mile journey can sometimes take days to complete. Therefore, most travel is accomplished by boat or bush plane.  

The greatest need, as seen by Dawson, is the necessity to raise people up from each village who, in the midst of spiritual darkness, will be bold enough to witness to their own neighbors. As of now, many villages remain void of torch bearers.  Please pray for the Dawsons as they continue their work; that God may use them to raise up those who will bear His light.

Caption: The Dawson Family