Jars and Caedmon's to Rock Goodman

A certain energy is in the air since the recent announcement that Jars of Clay and Dove-award winning Caedmon's Call have added Bethel College to their spring tour. On Thursday, February 27th, at 7 p.m., the bands will take the stage in Bethel's very own Goodman Auditorium. The event was originally scheduled for the Elco Performing Arts Center in Elkhart; however, the change in venue seems appropriate for the college-market tour hitting more than 40 cities.

Following the greatly anticipated February 4th release of new albums for both bands, the tour will travel from Grand Rapids to Naples, Fla. by mid-April. Finally, with much expectancy, the vision of the Essential/Silvertone label partners is becoming a reality. Charlie Lowell, keyboardist for Jars of Clay, said, "We've been looking forward to a tour like this for many seasons. Caedmon's and Jars will be the perfect combo! I think audiences will have a great chance to get to know both bands more intimately. We look forward to a closer friendship with the good folks of Caedmon's Call."

Anyone who has heard the two bands can imagine how well their sounds will blend when they hit the stage together. "We're all friends and, therefore, see eye to eye on many aspects of our music and our faith. Also, there are fans of both Jars of Clay and Caedmon's Call who have never been exposed to the other band's music. It will be exciting to play for those first-times as well," said lead vocalist for Caedmon's Call, Cliff Young.

Act quickly to be part of what is already being deemed the "thinking man's pop tour." For a limited time, tickets may be purchased in the Student Development office for $10. Family Christian Store will sell any subsequent tickets for $15.