Professors Contribute to Leadership Institute

Several professors in the Division of Religion and Philosophy have written course syllabi for the Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI). Drs. Carpenter, Long, Blowers and Erdel each have worked with the institute to create courses that match PLI's purpose.

Coordinated by Rev. Greg Getz, PLI is the Missionary Church's "high tech" approach to training lay people in the requirements for licensing and ordination into the pastorate or other vocational Christian ministry. Classes are delivered and facilitated through the Internet as students and teachers interact in a "virtual classroom."

Dr. Long has recently finished teaching the online course of Biblical Interpretation through PLI. His sixteen students attended a course chatroom for two hours and took quizzes every week. Each student also was matched with a local pastor for mentoring purposes.

Long was pleasantly surprised by his online teaching experience, saying the students "were eagerly willing to discuss the course content and related issues."