Student Senate Helping Kids

On Friday, March 14, the Bethel College Student Senate hosted Harrison Elementary School at United Skates of America. The event was one part of the Senate's Love Compels Us (LCU) program. LCU was designed to provide Bethel students with opportunities to effectively minister to needs in the surrounding community.

Eleven Bethel students interacted with the youngsters, playing games with them and providing a steady hand for some shaky skaters. The skating party included 96 students from Harrison's after-school program. Teachers used the event as an incentive for good behavior in the weeks leading up to it and, when the buses rolled in and students anxiously poured onto the rink, their efforts finally paid off. Amidst the falling and easy-rolling, smiles abounded, spirits were lifted and kids were given a great gift—the opportunity to shed the worries of life and simply be kids.