Science Association Reaches Out

After being officially chartered as a club in 2001, the Bethel College Science Association (BCSA) has quickly matured into a position of significant influence. Besides providing a number of opportunities for science majors, the club has proven beneficial to all students by offering regular tutoring sessions for any lower-level math or science class. The BCSA has also hosted events such as Science Alive and Discover Science 2002 with the intention of sparking a scientific curiosity in high school students.

The club helps prepare its members for their future through a number of activities. These activities include inviting guest speakers, taking trips to visit graduate schools and providing various networking prospects. Meg Coddington says of her experience, "BCSA has great opportunities to see what's out there and get some experience in the field that I am interested in."

In addition to the professional advancement provided by the club, exciting activities such as camping trips and special nights out provide members with a sense of comradery. Tiffinay Williams, a BCSA member, says, "We have great opportunities to get to know professors and other students while gaining experience in our respective fields of study."