Baby Shower Held for Hannah's House

The community service office hosted a baby shower last month to help support the efforts of Hannah's House, a local ministry. Many Bethel students attended the event, bringing much-needed gifts and providing words of encouragement to the mothers. Representatives from Hannah's House left the event with smiles on their faces and a truck load of food for those they support. Sandy Chambers, a Hannah's House representative, said, "Every day is Mother's Day at Hannah's House."

Hannah's House was started in 1993 to fill a need for a residential facility with resources for healthcare, counseling, and support for young pregnant women in Mishawaka. Seven women reside in the house at any given time. Among other things, they receive prenatal care and lodging during the pregnancy and may stay up to two months after delivery.

Professional support and care are provided by St. Joseph's Hospital, the Women's Care Center, Bethel College and Catholic Charities.

For more information, you can contact Hannah's House at 254-5309.