Move-in Day Arrives

A sunny eighty-four degree Sunday, a few hundred students, parents, and siblings lugging a couple thousand boxes, suitcases, and pieces of furniture through a select few open doorways—a recipe for chaos or fun?  A little of both!  Move-in day has finally arrived and with it joyful reunions and a keen sense of excitement and expectancy!

Amidst the random milieu of activity all around Bethel's campus, you can witness the gleeful shriek or prolonged hug of friends as they see each other again for the first time in almost four months.  There are textbooks to be bought, schedules to be planned, and classes to be prepared for, but all of this is set aside for a few hours as old and new friends get settled in for the start of another exciting school year.

With crates and boxes piled high, the anticipation mounts for what this semester might bring.  Some are looking at their final year in what has been a long academic pursuit, and unpacking their "college stuff" for the last time brings bittersweet thoughts.  Others are just getting started in their educational career, and campus life is fresh, new, and full of possibility.  "I'm excited to be back to see everyone but a little apprehensive to start classes...I love meeting new roommates and getting to know new people on my floor," says junior Andrea Murdock.

New ventures peek over the horizon as the day winds down.  The calendar of class, homework, chapel, and social life beckons.  Relatives return home, and the hubbub of unloading vehicles and finagling furniture subsides.  A new school year commences; another chance to learn, to teach, and to grow.  Thus marks an eager beginning of the 2003-04 school year at Bethel College!