Log Church Gets New Bell Tower

The Taylor Memorial Chapel recently dedicated a beautifully constructed bell tower on Oct. 12 with approximately one hundred people in attendance.
According to Dr. Dennis Engbrecht, this tower, constructed in September, was built to honor Rev. Jesse Bellman, who was "a pastor in the Missionary Church for 60 years, helped clear the woods to build the college when the campus was purchased in 1947, and had several family members attend Bethel."
Dr. Engbrecht added that this bell's purpose is to honor "grand occasions" such as national championships.
Leonard Stichter who was a friend of the Bellman family purchased the bell at an auction, where it had previously been used in an old schoolhouse. Several people pitched in to build the $1600 tower. Dr. Duane Beals, professor of religion, assisted in securing the bell, Bill Bemis, resident director, designed the tower and helped to complete the construction, Tom Marks, from maintenance, supervised the construction, and Roland Cadle made sure materials for the bell tower were obtained and participated in construction. After a month of hard work, this bell is now completed and stands next to the Taylor Memorial Chapel.