Bethel College Dedicated 88 Level I Nursing Students

In an afternoon ceremony on January 20, the nursing faculty at Bethel College held a dedication ceremony for 38 associate degree nursing students, 32 bachelor of science nursing students and 18 associate degree nursing students who are on the Bethel College off-campus site at Grace College in Winona Lake, Ind. Dr. Nelson Worden, associate professor biology, led the opening prayers, student nurse Michelle Brainer did a reading and Marsha King, systems chief nursing officer at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in South Bend addressed the group on "Nursing as a Profession…Inspire and Aspire." She challenged the students to follow their passion to be RNs and to not only provide physical care but to go beyond what is expected and provide psychological support and genuine caring.

The 88 nursing students were presented with lamps by the nursing faculty to symbolize the dedication of their lives to service, caring and making a difference. Dr. Davidhizar explained that as future nurses, the students will have the opportunity to bring light to others through a caring spirit, support and comfort. Dean Davidhizar explained the importance of the lamp as a nursing and Christian symbol of light. Andy Tolch sang "Go Light Your World" accompanied by Travis Gerig on the guitar. Haruhito Miyaga from the music department at Notre Dame provided piano accompaniment. Mary Jane Snyder and former Bethel graduate Martha Lantz presented the students with white Gideon's New Testaments. Sally Erdel, assistant professor of nursing, presented the benediction. Students who were recognized included:

Bethel ADN's
1. Sherry Alwine
2. Crystal Austin
3. Samantha Beaver
4. Melissa Beyer
5. Donna Bowling
6. Tonya Bulger
7. Kayla Bunton
8. Robert Burns
9. Terri Davidson
10. Andrea Davis
11. Sheryl Dimpudus
12. Laura Easley
13. Andrea Engebretson
14. Amy Gard
15. Sally Grenert
16. Melanie Haner
17. Jeff Hire
18. Jered Hudnall
19. Stephanie Juarez
20. Michelle Lambright
21. Stephanie LeClaire
22. Patricia Muturi
23. Carrie Nipper
24. Alutta Phiri
25. Pamela Schlutt
26. Carine Sembeba
27. Michelle Shafer
28. Amanda Shorey
29. Pamela Smith
30. Jennifer Smudey
31. Alissa Snyder
32. Kimberlee Sprang
33. Joshua Stewart
34. Heather Tatay
35. Deborah Tenney
36. Christy Tolch
37. Christopher Weidner
38. Rufina Wroblewski

Bethel BSNs    
         1. Etonde Ade
2. Angeline Ashbolt
3. Kristen Beutler
4. Amy Bolakowski
5. Christine Bowman
6. Christa Bradley
7. Michelle Brainer
8. Ken Burrow
9. Jillian DeBrito
10. Laura Dieterlen
11. Aubree Draper
12. Travis Gerig
13. Staci Hitch
14. Kimberly Hoff
15. Carrie Inks
16. Allison Isley
17. Melissa Jarusewic
18. Laura Keech
19. Ashley Kilgore
20. Travis Lilley
21. Shannon Mata
22. Kate Mayse
23. Stephanie McPherson
24. Stephanie Morris
25. Shelby Morrow
26. Samantha Parmley
27. Sarah Rahn
28. Katherine Riordan
29. Rachel Swartzendruber
30. Anita Thiessen
31. Amber Troyer
32. Jade Walus

AND students at Grace College Campus
1. Carrie Anglemyer
2. Jennifer Bowyer
3. Xochitl Cervantes
4. Anna Coppola
5. Caitlyn Crawford
6. Hannah Grimshaw
7. Andrey Holcomb
8. Jennifer Howie
9. Mary McDowell
10. Julie Moore
11. Ethel (Hyndman) Plath
12. Nivia Presteguin
13. Waneta Rodes
14. Susona Sanders
15. Jennifer Schneider
16. Elizabeth Sikora
17. Alicia Tucker
18. Katherine Veil

     Dr. Davidhizar, dean of the School of Nursing at Bethel College stated, "We have had 16 dedication ceremonies since the nursing program began at Bethel College and this is our largest class! We are proud of our collaborative relationship with Grace College, which let's us provide nursing education at Winona Lake so that it is more convenient for persons who live in that location." JoLynn Reimer, nursing faculty coordinator of the Bethel College programs at Grace also noted, "We are pleased that Bethel College can provide this service to the Winona Lake/Warsaw community. The missions of Bethel College and Grace College are similar, so this is a good environment for our students to learn and obtain their career goals to be RNs."

    The School of Nursing is taking applications for fall of 2007 for the ADN, BSN, RN-BSN, and MSN programs. Contact nurse counselors Linda Sommers (574.257.2686) and Sharon Duerkson (574.257.3455) for information about the nursing programs and graduate secretary Jennifer Meert (574.257.3360) for information on the MSN nurse educator and nurse administrator program.

Bethel College is an accredited Christian college of the arts and sciences offering associates, bachelor's and master's degrees in more than 50 areas of study. The current enrollment of more than 2,081 includes students from 29 states and Puerto Rico, 21 countries, more than 25 denominational affiliations and 16 percent from culturally diverse backgrounds. Scholarships are available based upon a variety of factors including academic achievement, talent in the arts or athletics, ethnicity and church affiliation. Bethel offers classes at four locations: the Mishawaka campus, the Elkhart Campus and two satellite locations (in Nappanee and in Dowagiac, Mich.). The main Bethel campus is situated on 75 wooded acres in Mishawaka, Ind.