MSN Graduate at Bethel College Presents Research on Osteoporotic Patient Intervention

Jennifer Layman Young, BSN, MBA, MSN, 2007 graduate of Bethel College MSN Nurse Educator program, presented her research "Analysis of Attitude, Belief, and Quality of Life Following an Intervention with Osteoporotic Patients" at Bethel College April 2, 2007. Osteoporosis or low bone density affects an estimated 44 million Americans (National Osteoporosis Foundation, 2005). Clinical studies indicate the importance of education and exercise as intervention tools in prevention and treatment of the disease (Unson, et al., 2003; Wright, et al., 2003). Studies suggest that beliefs and attitudes held by clients are particularly important in the effective treatment of chronic disease (Cranney et al., 2002; Ware, 2005). Loss of quality of life while dealing with a chronic disease can be an issue for osteoporotic patients.

Young utilized a descriptive, correlational and quasi-experimental research design using the Theory of Reasoned Action (Fishbein & Ajzen, 1975) with the expectancy-value model (Ajzen & Fishbein, 1980) and the Short Form 36 version 2 Health Survey (Ware, Snow, Kosinski, & Gandek, 1993) to assess the effects of an intervention (i.e. exercise and education) on the attitude, beliefs, and the quality of life of those afflicted with low bone density. Young found the data to suggest a significant difference between attitude and beliefs held by osteoporotic women after an intervention of education and exercise. On the other hand, quality of life measurement showed minor statistical difference after the four-week exercise and education intervention. Implications for nursing indicate the exercise and education interventions for osteoporotic patients may prove beneficial. Further research is warranted to examine interventions on chronic disease, such as osteoporosis.

Dr. Ruth Davidhizar, dean of nursing, noted, "This is an interesting use of Fishbein and Azjen's Theory of Reasoned Action to study a nursing problem. Jennifer Layman Young was also able to conclude that nursing intervention does make a difference in attitude about living with a chronic illness." Jennifer Layman Young is a member of the first graduating class of the new MSN program at Bethel College. More information on the program can be obtained by contacting Dr. Karon Schwartz at Bethel College

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