Bethel Partners with WorkOne to Assist the Unemployed

Bethel College will open its main computer lab every Sunday from 1-4 p.m. beginning Sunday, Mar. 8 for clients of WorkOne who need to file online unemployment vouchers.

Due to the ever-increasing numbers of unemployed individuals who must file their vouchers online, the WorkOne offices in South Bend and Elkhart are overwhelmed. Even with additional computers dedicated in some area libraries and businesses, there are still not enough to accommodate those who need it.

 “We want to do our part as good community citizens and to share our resources with those in need,” says Lisa Greco, the Bethel coordinator of this project.

The main, 70-seat computer lab in the lower level of the Miller-Moore Academic Center will be open for filing vouchers every Sunday afternoon and will be staffed with volunteers who have been trained by WorkOne. Greco is drawing volunteers from the student body and area churches. Her goal is to have a pool of 24-30 volunteers.

Greco says the lab will serve the community for as long as WorkOne needs the support or until the volunteer pool runs out. If you would like to be a volunteer, contact Bethel College Conference Services at 574.250.5005. Volunteers will need to complete a three-hour training session and must be available at least one Sunday a month.

 For more information, contact WorkOne at 574.237.9675 or