Update to Bethel's Feb. 16 Chapel Service

Thank you to everyone who has shown support to us as we allow God to move on our campus. Below is a quick update from Dennis Engbrecht, Ph.D., senior vice president, about some things that took place and are still taking place as a result of the chapel service Feb. 16.

Also, we will be forming discipleship groups across campus as a way to follow up with students. Please pray for the faculty and staff who will step forward to lead these groups, and that the groups would help facilitate the healing work God wants to do on our campus.

Thank you for you prayers!

Erin Kinzel

Assistant Director of Marketing


Today we learned some interesting details. Normally there are 25-35 “hits” on our chapel services web site. Yesterday there were nearly 3000 hits.  These came from nearly every state and 17 nations.  Here are a few more interesting developments:

Last night a student who made a public confession in the 7 ½ hour chapel service shared with his youth group later that evening.  As a result a number of young people came to a saving relationship with Christ.  A Bethel coach indicated that his student athletes began meeting with him at 1:30 yesterday and this continued until 7:30 last evening, cancelling practice.  When he got home there was a group of more student-athletes waiting for him wanting to talk about what had transpired yesterday in chapel. The repentance and confession that started in chapel yesterday continued late last night in residence halls across campus into the early hours of the morning. A pastor from Peoria, IL called Dr. Weakland to let her know that his church had been praying for revival at Bethel…at the exact time that chapel was going on. Another athletic team spontaneously met this morning at 7:30 AM for prayer and individual reconciliation. There is a student movement to pray through the week-end for the Lord to continue what began yesterday in chapel. There are preliminary plans developing to share individually as well as collectively in various locations over Spring Break in just over a week.

 God is good.