Campus News

Theologians To Debate the Resurrection on Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, the day that Christians commemorate Jesus Christ's arrival in Jerusalem, two noted theologians will debate

National Christian Multicultural Student Leaders Conference

In the midst of the letter from the editor and the controversy The Beacon stirred up in its October issue, 31 students, five

Forrest Encourages Students During SEW

This year's Spiritual Emphasis Week was filled with huge challenges … from a huge speaker. Former NBA basketball player

Hannah's House Proves Asset to Community

There is a quiet miracle happening in a peaceful neighborhood in Mishawaka, Ind. It is the wonder of lives being changed for the

Janette Oke's Book Made to TV Movie

Janette Oke, one of inspirational fiction's most beloved authors and mother of Assistant Professor of Education, Dr. Lorne

Missionaries Bring Update from Amazon

Mike Dawson, a missionary to Bethel's adopted people group, the Yanomamo, spoke in chapel on January 22nd. Dawson gave a

WCAC Fans Fire into Flame

The World Christian Action Conference has come and gone, but its message remains clear as many students pursue obedience to

Tony Campolo Speaks in Chapel

Tony Campolo, the founder and president of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education (EAPE), spoke in chapel on

Student Forum Addresses Community Issues

A large group of students attended a forum Wednesday night to discuss concerns about the Bethel community. Students openly shared

President of Church to Give Address

William Hossler, President of the Missionary Church, visited Bethel Tuesday to give his State of the Church