New Textbook Partnership Saves Students up to 60%

Bethel College has partnered with a new textbook provider, Akademos/, giving students more choices and access to lower prices when ordering course materials. Students who use the site will save an average of 60 percent off the list price, which is comparable to purchasing from other online sources.

In addition to options for new and used books, students can also select rentals or eBooks and can make their purchases from the open market, similar to the open market options on or

Other benefits include free shipping on most retail orders over $49, the option to sell books back at any time throughout the year and the ability to pay for books using multiple payment options, including student accounts.

“Sales of textbooks have been trending toward online purchases for several years now,” says Ed Bernhard, director of auxiliary services. “As students have become more comfortable shopping online for books, the time seemed right to make this transition.”

For the staff at Bethel’s campus store, the move to online sales will simplify the time and resources required to coordinate textbooks. “Time that was previously spent ordering and receiving textbooks can now be spent servicing students in other ways. In addition, college funds will not be tied up in inventory, allowing them to be used to improve areas that enhance the quality of life for students on campus,” says Bernhard.

Students can visit to purchase books for the spring semester. For help with ordering, contact (online customer service or 800.887.6459) or the Bethel Campus Store ( or 574.807.7577.)