Campus News

Bethel College Participates in 2011 Great Cloth Diaper Change

Changing cloth diapers may not be the most fun thing to do, but dozens of people participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change

Understanding Animals: Bethel Camp Teaches Kids Not to Take Nature for Granted

Bethel College ventured outside its regular pool of students last week as it invited area youngsters to a summer ecology

College Basketball: Walker is Still Dreaming Big

Being thousands of miles away from home didn't change William Walker. The former Michigan City High and Bethel College standout

Engbrecht Receives Award

SOUTH BEND — Rose Meissner looked at the hundreds of people gathered for breakfast today in the Century Center and

Bethel Freshmen Put Down Books to Clean up the Banks

Bethel freshmen and transfer students were busy on the banks of the St. Joseph River on Tuesday morning. Over 300 students

Recession Ups Enrollment in Online Courses

The first online course offered in Bethel College’s Adult Studies program, a summer geography course, was so popular that

Local Group Collects What's Left in Students' Lockers

Students throughout the area are helping their classmates, and there's a good chance they don't even know it. One group is

Roosevelt Teacher and Bethel Alumna Called to Afghanistan

  Heidi Miller, a kindergarten teacher at Roosevelt K-2 Primary School for the past three years, will be packing up her

"Doll's House" Still Challenges Convention - South Bend Tribune

The playwright Henrik Ibsen claimed that he was not a feminist. “He was a person who hated pretense,” Sara

Widow of Bethel College Founder Dies at Age 100 - South Bend Tribune

Malinda Mae Everest, the widow of the late Quinton J. Everest Sr., one of the founders of Bethel College in Mishawaka, died