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All youth ministry majors are hired before graduation.

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kristen Mitchell sports ministry major


Kristen Mitchell ('19) is a member of the Bethel College volleyball team and is majoring in the Sports Ministries degree. The sophomore spent the summer of 2016 in the Dominican Republic with Students International. While leading sports camps and coaching volleyball, Kristen was able to participate in a variety of ministry and outreach efforts on the island.

Kristen shared some thoughts on a blog post journaling her experience:

"On Wednesday, before freshman practice, one of the two high school girls on my site this outreach shared her testimony with the girls on the team. Then, Esther and Mabelis (site leaders) talked further with the team about who God was to them."

"The biggest way I continue to grow is in trying to truly offer my whole life and my gifts to bring glory to God and to spread the great news of His love for us."

kristen blog post

"As I’ve been here, I’ve been challenged on how much I’m really willing to surrender to God. I’ve been wrestling with the question: Am I truly willing to give up everything (even important/positive things like seeing my amazing family) and be content where God’s called me? Reading through the book of Romans has been very helpful."



Program Highlights


Christian Ministries

  • Biblical Studies – An intensive and rigorous program to foster a love of the Scriptures and a competence for interpretation and application in the life of the church. This program usually leads to seminary.
  • Children's Ministries — Prepares men and women for leadership in the local church.
  • Christian Ministries — Primary emphasis is service to the Church and the world. Bethel College Christian Ministries graduates report their studies gave them an adequate foundation on which to build a graduate degree program.
  • Youth Ministry/Adolescent Studies — Provides hands-on, practical experience in a variety of area youth ministries, Christ-centered service, and adolescent development expertise, as well as multicultural awareness in issues of diversity and culture.
  • Sports Ministries — For students who want to work in exciting places, such as: camps, missions, or organizations focused on sports ministries - like FCA, Athletes in Action, Upwards Sports and others.
Christian Ministries Academic Courses

Intercultural Studies

  • Provides a solid theological and practical ministry base with significant engagement in the social sciences, culture and geography.
  • Some popular minors to add onto the Intercultural Studies major are: TESOL, Business, Youth Ministry, Philosophy, Sociology, Family Studies, Biblical Languages and Spanish.
Intercultural Studies Academic Courses

Pastoral Ministries Bachelor/Masters combined major

  • A five-year, combined undergraduate and graduate program culminates with a Master of Christian Ministries (learn more about the Master of Christian Ministries).

BA/MCM Courses


  • Connects students with others who are studying biblical literature or preparing for the ministry or other full-time Christian service. Students leave the program with a broad base of philosophical knowledge and an understanding of the current problems with which philosophers are engaged.
  • Philosophy Lecturers and Awards
Philosophy Courses

Worship Arts

  • Designed for students from all cultural and denominational backgrounds. Courses will provide students with a necessary, strong understanding of church administration.
  • HCM Records serves the new Worship Arts major. ANCHOR IN THE UNDERTOW is the latest CD from HCM Records featuring various student songwriters and artists.

Worship Arts Academic Courses

Graduate Programs and Careers

masters in ministry

Students have the opportunity for extended study in the Holy Land as part of the program in Biblical Studies. 

Academic Courses
worship arts

Whether you want to be a working musician or worship leader, this degree will lead to a job, as there is a rising demand within churches for professional leadership at all levels within a worship program. 

Worship Arts & HCM Records

sports ministries

Potential careers include youth pastor, camping director, juvenile justice director and more. Explore the many ways you can follow your calling.

Children's Ministries Track

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Staff & Faculty

Terry Linhart came to Bethel in 2001 to serve as director of the Youth Ministry and Adolescent Studies degree program. Prior to that, Linhart served for 15 years in full-time youth ministry and was an adjunct professor of educational ministry (Huntington College).

Linhart received his B.A. (music theory) from Taylor University and his M.A. (educational ministry) from Huntington College, and his Ph.D.  from Purdue University. He has authored six books, numerous articles, and serves on a variety of review boards for various academic associations. Memberships have included: Association of Youth Ministry Educators, International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry, North American Professors of Christian Education, American Educators Research Association, National Network of Youth Ministries, and Network of Juvenile Justice Ministries.

Robert came to Bethel in 2004 to teach courses in the Christian Ministries degree. Prior to that, he served for 15 years in full-time ministry in churches in California and Colorado. He has a wide variety of ministry leadership experiences in churches whose attendance has ranged in size from 100 to over 3,000. He served primarily as a student ministries pastor, but has also been both an associate and senior pastor.


Robert grew up in San Diego, Calif. He received his B.A. (Religion/Bible) from Point Loma Nazarene University, his Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies degree from Azusa Pacific University, and his Ph.D. from Biola University, Talbot School of Theology. He has been married to Melody, for over 27 years and they have seven children whose ages range from 7 to 27 years of age. He is passionate about equipping servant-leaders to be world-changers who will make an eternal difference for the Kingdom of God.

Kent Eby came to Bethel College after serving with World Partners for over a dozen years at St. Petersburg Christian University in St. Petersburg, Russia. Though a Hoosier by birth, Eby grew up in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and pursued an accounting career in Washington, D.C., before going abroad and then settling back in Indiana.

He completed a bachelor of business administration degree (accounting and economics) from James Madison University (1988), a master of ministry degree from Bethel College (1994) and a doctor of philosophy degree (educational studies) from Trinity International University (2006). Eby is an ordained minister in the Missionary Church.

Timothy Paul Erdel (Brother Tim) spent his formative years in Ecuador, where three generations of his family have lived. He holds degrees from Fort Wayne Bible College, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, The University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

He is a licensed minister and the denominational archivist for the Missionary Church, Inc. He was formerly a missionary with World Partners to Jamaica and an inner city pastor in Chicago. He has also held academic appointments at some two dozen schools, from a rural seminary in Cuba to Columbia University.

Jacob Bawa Salka, born in Salka, Niger State, Nigeria, is an honorary visiting professor at Bethel (2003 - ). He was first a teacher and pastor prior to becoming the first Nigerian principal of Hausa Bible School in Salka. Theological studies in Nigeria (Ilorin) and North America (Bethel College, Ind.; Emmanuel Bible, Ont.; Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) prepared him for twin roles as president of the United Missionary Church Theological College in Ilorin, Nigeria, and senior pastor at College Chapel. He studied at Michigan State (M.A., Ph.D.) and was later named president of the United Missionary Church of Africa.

The Nigerian government and Pope John Paul II awarded him special honors, and Bethel College named him Alumnus of the Year (1994). In 1996, he declined nomination to become Secretary General of the United Nations. He served as visiting professor of religion at Bethel (1994-2003), and was named Senior Professor of the Year (2003).

Keith Koteskey is a graduate of Asbury University, the University of Iowa and Asbury Theological Seminary, Keith has degrees in broadcast communications and mass communication theory, in addition to theology.

Prior to coming to Bethel in 2015, he served in pastoral ministry for 21 years, most recently as senior pastor at Avalon Missionary Church in Fort Wayne, Ind. He has planted two churches in Indiana and served as a resource consultant for the northeast office of the Center for Congregations. Koteskey has served on the Regional Executive Board of the Central Region of the Missionary Church for 10 years, with roles as vice-regional director and secretary during that time.

David McCabe earned his B.S. at Southwestern A/G University in Biblical Studies, where he first realized his desire to teach. He took both an M.A. in Biblical Studies and an M.A. in Theological Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary. His Ph.D. is from New College, University of Edinburgh in New Testament language, literature and theology. His dissertation has been published in the prestigious Library of New Testament Studies, “How to Kill Things with Words: Ananias and Sapphira Under the Prophetic Speech-Act of Judgment (Acts 4:32 – 5:11).”

Before Bethel McCabe taught at LCC (formerly Lithuania Christian College) International University in Klaipeda, Lithuania, where he served in the theology department. There he was honored to receive the first faculty award for excellence in teaching.

Chad Meister has an M.A. in Christian Thought/Philosophy of Religion from Trinity International University and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Marquette University.

He has served as co-general editor of a new Cambridge University Press Book Series entitled Cambridge Studies in Religion, Philosophy, and Society and as general editor (with Charles Taliaferro) of a six-volume set on the history of evil. He has written a number of journal articles, encyclopedia entries, and companion and book chapters, as well as numerous books.

Prior to joining Bethel's faculty, Meister taught philosophy at Marquette University as a Teaching Fellow and at Trinity International University. Before changing careers to study philosophy, he worked as a development engineer in robotics for Cincinnati Milacron and as a field engineer for Hewlett Packard.

Cristian Mihut graduated from Bethel College in 1997 with a double major in mathematics and biblical studies. He earned an M.A. in philosophy from Texas A&M University (1999) and his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame (2009).

Mihut’s past research projects include tracing the genealogy of current notions of forgiveness to diverse Judaic and Christian roots, and exploring the extent to which a moral psychology grounded in mercy undermines contemporary and classical models of practical rationality.

While at Bethel, he was a winner of the Ronald Paulsen Award, the school's highest athletic honor.

Cami Brubaker is a Bethel alumnus, having completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Bethel. She received her B.A. in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Music, Bible and Greek in 2006 followed by Master of Arts in Theological Studies in 2014. She is presently a doctoral candidate for a PhD in Biblical Studies focusing on Old Testament and Hebrew at a seminary in Chicago.

It was the dynamic, challenging and faith-filled learning environment at Bethel that drove her to come back to teach at the college in 2014. Brubaker is passionate about equipping students as they prepare for ministry by fostering in them a greater love for and a deeper understanding of the biblical texts. Prior to her time at Bethel, Brubaker worked for almost a decade as an administrator and a teacher at a faith-based alternative school for at-risk youth called the Crossing Educational Center.

Brubaker is a wife to another Bethel alum and current Bethel employee, Jacob, and a mom to three very energetic children.