Additional Housing

Married housing

Rental properties may be available for married student/faculty/staff of Bethel College. A non- refundable application fee is required with a security deposit equal to the monthly rent. The college lifestyle covenants will be enforced. No curfew and no pets. Contact us with questions.

Intentional Living

“Purposefully Going Deeper”

Bethel College Student Life is committed to creating environments that invite students into relationship with others. One unique way for students to do this is through Intentional Living Communities. These are groups of six to eight students who apply to live in a house together and dedicate themselves to common goals for the school year. Requirements for living in one of these houses include a weekly Bible study with housemates, attending monthly community events, participating in a mentoring relationship and having an accountability partner in the house. Each house is also asked to write a mission statement and have specific goals they pursue as a group, for which they are held accountable by student development staff. Intentional Living Communities take commitment, but the experiences are well worth it. In years past, houses have gathered around a member of the community who was hospitalized. Some have provided immense support when a housemate lost a family member. Most days, these communities simply come around each other to watch friends play on a sports team, sing in the choir, or celebrate a birthday. The experience of Intentional Living is a rare one. We’d love to see you be a part of this kind of community!

Logan Village

Floorplan examples:

Logan Village Apartment Egle and Lambert

Resident Director: John Kaehr

Resident Director John Kaehr



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