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The Bethel College Transition to Teaching program is designed for individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree and want to become licensed teachers. Transition to Teaching is a one-year cohort program beginning each May and October.

Upon completion of the Transition to Teaching component and passing scores on all required licensure tests, candidates are eligible for an Indiana Teaching license. Transition to Teaching program completers are able to go on to earn the Master of Arts in Teaching degree.

The MAT program is designed for candidates who are seeking initial teacher certification. The MAT program begins with the Bethel College graduate level Transition to Teaching program (18- 24 credit hours) leading to an Indiana teaching license.

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Steps to admission for Transition to Teaching only

To apply, please submit the following:

1. The application found at this link, Application 

2. Please include two references on your application

3. Complete the Candidate Self-Evaluation Form, found at this link, Candidate Self-Evaluation Form

4. Submit official transcripts:

Electronicallly, to


by U.S. Mail to:

Bethel College Adult & Graduate Studies

Attention: Sandra Lesko

1001 Bethel Circle

Mishawaka, IN 46545

3. Please submit all other documents to

  • An essay stating, "What makes a great teacher and why you will become one." (1-2 pages, double spaced).
  • Your résumé
  • Your current Teaching License
  • A copy of your Indiana Criminal History Report.You can complete this online. (This only takes about 15 minutes, when you are done, open your report and save it. Then, please send it as an attachment).
  • Take the 3-part CASA test. You can register for this test online. When you register for this test, you will receive an email confirmation, please forward your confirmation to me for your admission file. Please note, there are exemption for this test. Please contact me for more information.
  • Then, before classes begin, submit passing scores for the 3-part CASA test.

Once all documentation is received, an interview will be scheduled with the Director of Education. This is the last step for being accepted into the program. Then you will be ready to register for your first classes.

Contact Us

Enrollment counselor/advisor

Sandra Lesko

Phone: 574.807.7328


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Transition to Teaching Information

Who is the program for?

  • Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than education who realize they have a burning passion for education.
  • Candidates who have some experience (three years preferred) beyond college in the degree field or are over the age of 25 – exceptions may be made on an individual basis.
  • Candidates with a minimum 3.0 GPA for all college work – the School of Education will compute the GPA based upon transcripts.
  • Candidates with a 2.5 GPA and five (5) years experience in degree field (elementary education candidates should have experience working with elementary-aged students – secondary education candidates should have worked within their bachelor’s degree major).

How is the Transition to Teaching program structured?

  • 24 credit hours for elementary education licensure
    • Kindergarten – 6th grade, self-contained classrooms (not departmentalized middle school classrooms)
  • 18 credit hours for secondary education licensure
    • Mathematics
    • Science (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics)
    • English/Language Arts
    • Social Studies (History, Government, Geography, Psychology, and/or Sociology)
    • Business Education
    • Spanish Education
    • Licensure may be more limited than for those in the traditional education program (for example, a graduate in chemistry will earn a Secondary Chemistry license rather than a Secondary Science license)
    • Secondary education licensure is available in:
  • Transition to Teaching is now the initial component to the Bethel College Master of Arts in Teaching degree
    • Elementary education students will have 24 of the 36 credit hours completed at the end of the program
    • Secondary education students will have 18 of the 36 credit hours completed at the end of the program
  • The Transition to Teaching program concentrates on pedagogy (how to teach) – it is assumed that the student already has content knowledge before being admitted into the program
    • A transcript review will be conducted to determine any gaps in content knowledge
    • All recommendations for additional content knowledge must be successfully completed prior to the beginning of the Transition to Teaching program

What is the program like?

  • Students go through the program sequentially and as a group
  • The program is 12 months – it begins in the last of April and is completed the following May OR October to October
  • Classes are offered in the evening – usually from 6 to 10 p.m. on Monday and Thursday evenings
  • During the fall semester there is a field work requirement in addition to the evening classes
    • 80 hours for secondary education students
    • Bethel will assign students to a school and teacher, and the actual schedule for the hours will be worked out between the student and the teacher – this allows some flexibility in scheduling, but hours must be completed during school hours while students are present
  • During the spring semester there is a 15 week, full-time student teaching requirement in addition to the evening class
    • Bethel will coordinate the student teaching assignments
    • Bethel will attempt to obtain student teaching placements within a reasonable proximity to the student’s home but it will be within a 30 mile radius of the Bethel College campus
  • What are the timelines?

    • Transcripts should be provided as soon as possible so that a transcript review can be completed
      • A minimum of a “C” (2.0) will be accepted for content requirements
        • Secondary education candidates’ transcripts are evaluated according to the basic requirements of students in the traditional teacher education program in that content area (must have a grade of “C” or better)
        • Includes 40 semester hours in that content area
    • Passing CASA scores on all three tests must be received prior to the beginning of the cohort in May or October. Test waiver for those with a 3.0 in their Master’s Degree
    • Passing Content Area Assessments scores (secondary candidates only) must be received prior to the beginning of the cohort in May or October. Elementary candidates take their Content Tests during Student Teaching.

    What is the cost of the program and is financial assistance available?

    • Contact the Adult & Graduate Office at 574.807.7550 for current pricing.
    • Financial aid is available in the form of loans – there are no scholarships or grants available
      • Additional information regarding financial aid is available at 574.807.7326

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