Tuition and Fees

 For 2018-2019 Tuition and Fees, please see page 22 of the Academic Catalog.

Traditional Programs

2017-2018 Student Cost


Fall Semester Spring Semester Annual Cost
Tuition $13,790 $13,790 $27,580
Room (standard)     2,080     2,080     4,160
Meal Plan (14 meals)     2,130     2,130     4,260
Service Fee          225        225        450

Total Direct Cost

$18,175 $18,175 $36,350

The costs listed reflect the average total for most students before financial aid is applied. Actual direct costs may vary based on meal plan selection and housing assignment. Half-time and three-quarter time enrollment will change budget figures. An individualized description of your cost of attendance is available upon request from the Financial Aid Office.

Tuition costs for adult and graduate studies differ from the traditional programs.