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The Bethel College Experience

Bethel College equips students to carry the presence of God into work environments, creating a profound positive impact on the organizations that they serve. This online and in-person school is meant to raise up the best and brightest and train them to demonstrate the wisdom, character, and power of God’s kingdom.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team consists of Kingdom-minded believers, who are committed to ushering the presence of God in the marketplace. We believe the purest form of influence comes through invitation, and the greatest invitation in the marketplace is a job offer. Our heart is to raise-up ready-to-work graduates who exemplify the excellence of Christ in both skill and character.

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Core Values

Bethel College is built on the principles of Identity, Nobility, Creativity, Service, and Legacy. With this foundation, we aim to equip and send believers into the marketplace who are highly skilled and maintain a spirit of excellence in their field of choice.

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Our Schools

Bethel School of Technology

Bethel Conservatory of the Arts

Bethel School of Music

  • Full Stack Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Data Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Acting Bachelor’s Degree
  • Acting Certificate
  • Dance Program
  • Film and New Media
  • Screenwriting
  • Accredited Worship Program

Get over 1,000 hours of experience.

Learn in a collaborative environment with feedback, mentors, and ongoing support.

Produce projects that show your experience.

What You Can Expect

We believe the future of education is tied directly to the future of work, which increasingly emphasizes immediately applicable skills that can be learned through accelerated learning programs. Our focus is to train up individuals for in-demand careers, through a teach-model-activate approach that prioritizes hands-on learning and context-based education. We teach the “why” behind the “what” so that our students are able to adapt to the ever-changing world of innovation and its direct impact on the talent needs of an organization.